Website Development

How can we help you?​

What do you need a website for?

The sky’s the limit as to what you can use a site for.  Many of our clients have sites for things like; Small Business, Church, Non-Profit, Clubs and Organizations, or even the family Christmas Letter.
There are many things to build a website for, and Husky Logic can help.

What can we create

We specialize in templated websites that help to drive traffic to your company. Each website we build is tailored for the client we are working with, and no two sites are the same.

Our sites can be a single page or a dozen pages. It all depends on what the client needs are.

Hosting and Management

Websites are not just a one and done type of thing. Just like a car they require regular upkeep.  Husky logic can offer our services to help with that as well. For a regular monthly fee after the site is completed, we can offer on-going updates as needed, and maintenance of the site itself. 
Our team can work behind the scenes, to make sure the WordPress platform as well as the plugins are kept up to date. We also do regular backups of your site in case they are needed. We also monitor and manage the security program that is on your site as well.

For the clients who need hosting, Husky Logic has the ability to host and maintain your website for you.

Services NOT included;
* Website revisions- Any additional pages or changes to the pages on your site are not included in the maintenance packages. They can be purchased however for an additional cost.

* Hacking recovery- While we take every percussion to make sure your site is safe, and we do block 98% of all threats, nothing is 100% secure, and hackers do some times sneak by. If this happens, we do offer a service to help you get back up and running quickly. Our fee for this will depend on the instance.