Technology Training

How can we help you?​

One to One Training

Do you feel like you can’t learn how to use your computer? Well think again. Husky Logic has dedicated trainers on hand to help you with all your pain points.  Want to learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or just how to send an email?
Our dedicated staff work closely with each client to make sure they truly understand what they want. Your home is our classroom (We can also do a remote training session as well).

What can we help with?

Our trainers are well versed in a wide range of technology, and can answer just about any question you have. Some of the ways we have helped our previous students;
* Microsoft Office training
* Learning out to use the Internet
* Emailing and sending attachments
* Communicating through Facebook
* Computer Basics

Unique Teaching Style

Our Teaching style is unique.
You sit in front of your computer and perform the task. We sit next to you and instruct on how to do it. 

We suggest no more than a 1-hour session.  but feel free to schedule as many as you want. Ask as many questions as you want. We are here for you. No question is too simple, as it is our goal to help you “become more productive with the technology that runs your life.”

Don’t worry about asking over and over how to do the same thing. Our job is to make sure you are comfortable. If that means you have to ask multiple times, that’s perfectly alright. We will sit there with you as long as you need us to, until you feel you have it down.