Cloud Consulting

How can we help you?​


Your business is the most important thing to you. Which means it’s the most important thing to us as well. That is why we are a fee-based consulting company. We don’t put commission ahead of your needs. Our consultants will get to know your business, your pain points, and your needs. Then we will create a report guiding you to the proper cloud solutions to help you.

What can we help with?

Our consultants have industry experience and expertise in all things cloud computing. We offer guidance in finding the right product to fit your needs. Some of the many products we can consult on are;
* Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phone Systems
* CRM Solutions
* Cloud Storage
* Virtual Faxing
* Video Conferencing
* Digital Signature
* Web Hosting
* And More…

Implementation and Training

Consulting is not all we can help you with. Once you have chosen to use one of the services we recommend, we can help you get started. Husky Logic offers additional services to help you implement solution, as well as training your team. Our team is here to help in all aspects of the buying and implementation process.