Managed Computer Care

How can we help you?‚Äč

Managed Computer Care

Think of Husky Logic has your outsourced IT department. While you are busy running the every day operations of your company, let Husky Logic take care of the repetitive tasks involved in maintaining your system.

What can we help with?

Computers, just like cars need to be maintained. You can’t just set them up and forget about them. That’s where Husky Logic comes in.
Our Managed Computer Care offers a host of services that help to keep your systems running smoothly. We offer;
* Weekly cleanings of the network
* Updates and patching of vulnerabilities
* Monitoring and managing your anti-malware solutions
* Online troubleshooting when required
* Discounted on-location service calls

Who is this service for?

Our service is customized to fit just about any need or budget. We service both residential and commercial clients.