About Us​

Technology with a purpose

Who is Husky Logic

Husky Logic is a family run company on Grand Island, NY.  Founded in 2012 by Fred Claus, Husky Logic aims to be the go-to company for all your tech support and cloud computing needs. We service both residential and commercial clients in Western New York.  Our Remote service allows us to reach clients anywhere as well.

The Inspiration behind Husky Logic

As a child, Fred was always fascinated with technology, however his goal was to become a photographer like his dad.  Later in his adult life, Fred’s mom moved to a retirement community in Florida.  Being the youngest person in the community and the first to own a computer, Fred’s mom was the community’s go-to person for all computer questions. When she didn’t know the answer to a question she would call Fred, and he would help her out.  Eventually, it got to the point where she gave out Fred’s number so her friends could call him directly.

It was the enjoyment that Fred felt helping his mom’s friends that made him consider starting his own company.


To be an honest, trustworthy company that people can rely on. With so many scam artists out there and companies just out to make a buck, it’s hoped that Husky Logic can make a difference by providing honest work at fair prices.


We strive to help you be more productive with the technology that runs your life

Our Founder

Fred Claus - Cloud Consultant
Fred Claus
Founder / Cloud Consultant​

Fred Claus, the founder of Husky Logic has been involved with computers and technology since he was a kid. He once took a Comodore 64 computer apart just to see how it worked. His uncle who first was mad that Fred took his computer apart, was so amazed that Fred could put it back together and make it work again. So much so in fact that he was the first one to suggest Fred go into computers as a career.
Fred has a Masters degrees in Information Systems management, as well as over 30 years of experience in the field. When not working at Husky Logic, Fred is a computer science instructor for various colleges.